Welcome to Isle of Dogs - where every dog shines! We are pleased to offer you only the best for your pet. Welcome to Isle of Dogs - where every dog shines! We are pleased to offer you only the best for your pet.


Does Your Dog Like the Smell of Her Coat?

Does Your Dog Like the Smell of Her Coat?

Although slightly taboo, odor is a topic near and dear to our hearts as humans.  With only 17% of women in the United States not wearing perfume, wearing fragrance is the standard not the exception the days.  We LOVE to smell good!  We loved it to the tune of $29 billion in global perfume industry revenue in 2015.  (And that doesn’t even include the billions we spend on shampoos, soaps, lotions and deodorants that keep us smelling fresh.) 

We also LOVE our dogs and want them to smell good. But with over 200 million olfactory receptors (20 times more than humans) smell is their most powerful sense and how our dogs learn about the world around them.  Considering this sensitivity one has to wonder, what do our dogs think of the perfumes we use on their coats?

Inside Out

It’s important to realize that smelling good starts on the inside.  Basic hygiene like dental care, cleaning the inside of their ears, and providing food and treats with responsible ingredients will help eliminate bad breathe and overall smelliness.  Our Breath 100% Natural Baked Treats feature parsley and toffee, which was developed to linger on your dog’s palette, crushing even the worst case of “doggy breath.”


After you have addressed the inner health of your pup, it’s time to wash her coat.  Start with a brushing to remove dirt and debris lodged in her coat.  Second, pick a high-quality dog shampoo that is formulated to remove your dog’s scent, not cover it.  If you don't have time for a bath, we recommend a dry shampoo like our Refreshing Waterless Shampoo.  This is also a great option for dogs with mobility issues or those who dislike baths.  You may use a conditioner after shampooing if you wish, helping to smooth and leave the coat shiny.  (Particularly useful for long-hair breeds.)  Finally, be sure to dry you dog with a towel or hair dryer (be careful to not apply direct heat) and give them a final brushing.    

Pups' Perfume 

In-between baths, odor neutralizing sprays are a great option to keep your pup smelling fresh.  Our signature line Replascent was formalized to be used safely in the home or on your dog’s coat to neutralize bad odors without overwhelming her sensitive nose.  (Trust me, she hates that aerosol “air-freshener” you currently use.)

Your dog can literally smell fear - so she can definitely smell her own coat.  Help her love her smell with basic hygiene and products that gently cleanse and allow her natural scent to come through (vs. masking it with heavy fragrances.)  Isle of Dogs is proud to have worked with one of the country’s top perfume houses to develop signature fragrances that have a lasting dry down and low scent levels, allowing your dog’s coat to smell fresher longer without interfering with her natural scent and sense of smell.  Check out our of full line of cleansing products today!


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