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Isle of Dogs is proud to offer only the best dog grooming supplies for your pet by using responsibly sourced ingredients made in the USA. We offer professional dog grooming supplies for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Our mission of excellence expands beyond your pet to the planet by producing products in a solar-powered facility using recyclable packaging.


The idea for Isle of Dogs was sparked from two dog lovers’ passion to provide proper grooming care and dog grooming supplies for their beloved pets and show dogs. Finding suitable pet grooming supplies, let alone professional dog grooming supplies that addressed the specific needs for each dog’s coat type but did not contain harmful ingredients proved more difficult than one would think. A global search was conducted and just the right formulas were found to achieve our vision to make every dog shine!

 We’ve always believed that the beauty and wellness of your dog are inextricably linked, so each of our dog grooming products features performance-driven ingredients in function-based formulas - providing full ingredient disclosure. We use natural products where suitable and synthetic where necessary, always with the health and wellbeing of the pet in mind.


Getting a beautiful shine starts with finding the right products

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