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Fresh Dog Breath Starts on the Inside

Fresh Dog Breath Starts on the Inside

When Lucy, from Charles Shultz, “Peanuts,” repeated exclamations of “Eww dog breath!” We can assume either she has a sensitive nose or that Snoopy wasn’t getting all of his nutritional needs met. And, while we will never know if Snoopy needed a trip to the vet or a change in diet, your dog’s breath is a great indicator of changes that may need to be made.

Your dog’s breath can indicate everything from eating something nasty, to infection, disease or even needing their anal glands cleaned. Your dog’s breath is a window to their insides.

Healthy dog breath shouldn’t make you cringe or flinch. In fact it often has a slightly sweet scent. Think of puppy breath. No one ever complains about puppy breath. Like babies, puppies smell lovely because their bodies haven’t been exposed to many things.

So how do you get your pup’s breath smelling fresh at any age?

First determine if the smell is happening regularly or with a pattern. For example if your dog’s breath smells bad every time he comes in from the yard, there is a good chance he is eating something outside that is leaving an unpleasant scent. If this is the case a good teeth brushing, dental chew, or fresh breath treat should do the trick. Ingredients such as parsley and mint are a great way to keep your dog smiling and smelling fresh.

If the smell persists regularly regardless of what your dog is doing or eating, then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. If a regular regimen of tooth brushing and oral health treats isn’t doing its job, then it’s time to go to the vet.

Your vet will help you determine if your dog needs more thorough oral care such as removing a tooth or a deep cleaning, or if it is something else in the body. Digestive problems can often lead to bad breath as do infections and many other ailments.

So the next time your dog knocks you over with their breath, take note. Dog breath is an easy and effective way to monitor your dog’s health and well being.

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