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The Best Dog Products That Rocked 2016

The Best Dog Products That Rocked 2016

These are the doggy must-haves that made our year!

There are more dog products on the market than ever before and each year there are more products we love, but never knew we needed.

Here are our top picks for our favorite dog products of 2016.

1// The Friendship Collar

The product that let us show the world that our dog is our BFF. I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it and I can’t get enough. Super cute collars for your dog that come with a matching bracelet for you. Functional and fun, they have stylish patterns that are human and dog approved.  www.friendshipcollar.com


2// Political Chew Toys by Fuzzu

I think I could have used one of these this year. Regardless of which side you were on, I think we can all agree that this election year was “ruff!” Chewing is a great way to relieve stress and now it can reflect your dog’s political affiliations too.  There is no doubt that these political chew toys by Fuzzu gave us a well-needed laugh for 2016. https://www.fuzzutoys.com/dog-toys

3// Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush by Hertzco

This brush was the hero of my 2016, so it’s going on this list. I literally may have drowned in doodle hair or become a dog parent to a walking mat without this awesome brush in our arsenal. Not only is it a great slicker brush but it has a button that retracts the bristles, leaving you with a perfect little bundle of hair to dispose of. Gone are the days of trying to clean your brushes and making a bigger mess in the process. https://www.amazon.com/Hertzko-Self-Cleaning-Slicker-Brush/dp/B00ZGPI3OY/

4// Outward Hound Pal Pack Backpack

Who could deny your dog or yourself something so cute? Outward Hound makes a lot of great dog gear for ruff and tumble doggies, but I love that they remembered the little guys with these super cute backpacks that are fun, functional and just plain adorable. Your dog can carry his own belongings in this backpack that also functions as a harness. Perfect place for poop bags, treats and other small objects, it’s lightweight and expresses your dogs personality. https://www.amazon.com/Outward-Hound-22057-Backpack-Harness/dp/B01BKFTPRM

5// Pet Cameras

There are actually a bunch of great products in this category so I’m not going to narrow it down to one. But like the era of the pay phone, we will one day be explaining to our grandkids that there was a time when you couldn’t watch or give treats to your dog while you were away from the house. From the Petzi Cam, Furbo to the PetCube and PetScout we can now not just watch, but talk to and give treats to our dogs from anywhere. What more could a dog lover ask for.

6// Go Pro Fetch

The dog harness that makes watching hundreds of hours of youtube videos possible. GoPro is an awesome product to begin with, but getting a dog’s eye view of everything made our dreams come true over and over and over again.




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