Why is Evening Primrose in My Dog Shampoo?

by Samantha Meyers March 10, 2017

Why is Evening Primrose in My Dog Shampoo?

It smells just as lovely as it sounds, but there is even more to this special ingredient than meets the nose.

When looking at the back of shampoo bottles it’s not uncommon to see ingredients that you don’t recognize, but it’s always refreshing to see one you want to know more about, especially when it sounds as magical and lovely as “Evening Primrose.”

Evening Primrose is an herbaceous flowering plant that grows in the United States. Rich in fatty acids, it has been found to have many wonderful effects on the body when applied topically or taken orally for both dogs and humans in its oil form. The oil is specifically high in Gamma Linoleic Acid, an Essential Fatty Acid linked to helping inflammation in the body and skin.

Because of the many benefits for dog’s skin, Evening Primrose is an excellent ingredient to look for when choosing a dog shampoo for allergy prone dogs and dogs with skin conditions especially in the face, paws, legs and groin. It can also help dogs with dull or dry coats, and dogs with dry or flaky skin.

It helps nourish the skin, sooth irritation, lessen inflammation and restores shine to a dog’s coat. Oh my!

And if that is not enough reason to want Evening Primrose in your dog’s shampoo, here’s another: unlike many other allergy-focused ingredients Evening Primrose is not harsh on the skin and can even be beneficial to dogs without allergies as well, improving shine and feel of the coat. This means you can continue to use it after your dog’s allergies have improved and use it on other dogs in your household too.  Gone are the days of having more shampoos for your dog than for the humans in your household.

Samantha Meyers
Samantha Meyers


Samantha is the former web editor for DogFancy and Dogchannel.com and has enjoyed years of sharing her passion and knowledge for pets with the world. A lover of all things dog and an avid baker and crafter, she regularly contributes dog-friendly recipes and projects to Dogster and Lucky Puppy magazines. Sam lives in Southern California with her husband and their two dogs Huggs the Frenchie and Quinn the Aussie-Poodle. 

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