Get That Fresh From The Groomer Glow At Home!

by Andrea Lane May 06, 2020

Get That Fresh From The Groomer Glow At Home!

How to Bathe Your Pet at Home While Social Distancing

We’re all having to make adjustments to this new way of life – even the dog. If your pup has missed too many appointments with his favorite groomer, here are some pointers for an at-home bath. You might need a helper, definitely have towels ready and dress knowing you are going to get wet. It’s very helpful to use some type of hose attachment for the tub, sink, or shower you’re using. While you can use the bucket method, it’s important to rinse really well. Product left in the coat can cause flaking and irritation. Here we go:

  1. Have a good attitude and keep it fun for your dog!  Reassure your pet and use gentle strokes with your hands to help calm. Offer treats throughout. 
  2. Place cotton balls in dog’s ears to prevent getting water into the canal.
  3. Test the water temperature on your hands first. It should be comfortably warm to your own skin.
  4. Start with a gentle stream of water and adjust pressure as needed once the dog has had a chance to acclimate.
  5. Begin at the back of the neck and work down the spine toward the tail.
  6. Keep the nozzle close to the skin to saturate. 
  7. Work the nozzle down one side including the legs, then down the other side.
  8. With the nozzle still close to the skin, carefully saturate the underside of the dog.
  9. Next wet the head - be careful to not get water in the eyes, nose or ears.
  10. Massage shampoo evenly into the dog’s coat and skin with your fingers. Using a similar pattern as wetting the dog.
  11. Thoroughly rinse all traces of shampoo from the coat.
  12. Apply a conditioner. Massage. Rinse.
  13. Squeeze out as much water as possible while the dog is still in the tub, then towel dry by blotting the coat.
  14. Remove cotton balls from ears.
  15. Offer more treats and give praise to the dog! 

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Andrea Lane
Andrea Lane


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