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Hot and Cold: How Your Dog’s Coat Works

Hot and Cold: How Your Dog’s Coat Works

When extreme weather hits, hot or cold, it may feel like it is time to make a change in your dog’s grooming regimen. Often people let their dog’s hair grow out for the winter and cut it for the summer in an effort to keep them the appropriate temperature, but there are a few things you should know before you let their hair go!

Your dog’s coat is naturally suited for all weather types. After all, there is no one chasing your pup's wild ancestors about with shears and clippers. In cold winter weather you may notice that your dog develops a thicker, fuller coat. Leading to summer, this undercoat will shed and the dog’s fur will now help in keeping them cool. (really, it will keep them cool!!)

Winter Grooming Tips:

  • While your dog’s coat will naturally insulate them, it can also get wet which will make them colder. It is important to dry their hair thoroughly when you come back inside.
  • Don’t feel obligated to let your dog’s fur grow out. If shorter is more manageable, it is more important to keep them clean and dry.
  • If your dog has short hair, or you want to keep it short, don’t worry! The fact is they live indoors where it is warm and if it is very cold where you live, you can get them a jacket – waterproof is best.
  • Protect your dog’s feet from the cold. Snow, ice and salt can cause damage to their paws. Make sure to wipe them dry after walks.

Summer Grooming Tips

  • Your dog’s hair will naturally keep them cool at a longer length, so there is no need to shave it during the summer.
    • That being said, if your dog gets mats, the cooling effect won’t work.
  • If you find it easier to manage your dog’s coat at a shorter length do cut it. Ask the groomer to thin and trim, leaving their important topcoat in tact instead of shaving it completely.
  • Brush your dog regularly to keep them clean and mat free.
  • Make sure to bathe your dog if he swims in any pools, lakes or beaches.

The most important thing about weather grooming is to keep your dog clean, dry and mat free. Protect their feet and don’t let weather stop your regular grooming activities. You know your dog best and as long as they are happy and comfortable you are doing okay!

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