Why Pumpkin is Anything But Basic

by Jane McDonald September 20, 2017

Why Pumpkin is Anything But Basic

It is fall. Colorful leaves clutter the sidewalk and the promise of a pumpkin spice latte is literally just around the corner.  Around here, we love pumpkin and the various beverages, pastries and candles that showcase it’s awesomeness seasonally.  But as you may know, not everyone loves this quarterly pumpkin celebration. For shame!  So Isle of Dogs thought it was time to set the record straight and enlighten these haters on the undeniable benefits that pumpkin provide us all, two- and four-legged alike. 

Healthy Fiber, and Lots of It

 Pumpkin is packed with fiber, which is why vets often recommend canned pumpkin for digestion issues.  It is also why we use it as the base of our Daily Essential Treats, instead of synthetic filler like many other dog treats.

Nutrient Rich, from Leaf to Seed

 The seeds, leaves, flowers and flesh of a pumpkin are all edible!  A good source of Vitamin A, iron and potassium, pumpkin helps fight infection and keeps healthy blood pumping through the heart.

Culturally Relevant

This hearty squash has been around since 5500 b.c., is grown on every continent, excluding Antarctica, and is a symbol of fall harvest, Thanksgiving and most notably Halloween, where pumpkins transform into ghoulish works of art.

Pumpkins are a complex and rich squash, that is anything but basic! With it’s cultural ties and many uses, pumpkin is a truly fascinating food!

*Sips pumpkin spice latte quietly.*



Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald


Jane is a dog-loving marketer with a passion for writing. She presently works for Denver-based agency OffLeash Communications and spends her free time outside enjoying her beloved state of Colorado and making new furry friends as a top-rated dog sitter on Rover.com.

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