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Top Ways to Be Your Dog's Best Fit Friend

by Maggie Marton May 25, 2017

Top Ways to Be Your Dog's Best Fit Friend

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If your dog is over weight, you’re not getting enough exercise.”

While that oversimplifies the issue--skipping underlying health concerns, for instance--it does ring true. If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, you aren’t either!

There are many benefits to getting in shape with your pup. You’ll both feel happier, look better, and live longer. Plus, you’ll strengthen your bond while having a blast!

The good news is: It’s easy and fun to be your dog’s best fit friend! Here’s how:

Make It a Priority

Put your dog’s and your health first! Fitness is one of those things that is often put off until tomorrow. But, somehow, tomorrow never comes. You don’t have to give gobs of time, either. Start small: Wake up 30 minutes earlier to get a walk in before work, or bank the time you fast-forward through commercials to go for an evening stroll.

Try New Things

Dogs love variety: smelling new things, exploring new neighborhoods, peeing on new bushes. Mix up your routine with a hike in a nearby park or a swim at a pet-friendly beach. You’ll enjoy seeing and doing new things just as much as your dog does!

Stay Consistent

Your dog--and your waistline--will thank you for it. Regular exercise keeps you both mentally and physically fit. If you find yourself slacking off or forgetting your workout dates, set an alarm on your phone or find a dog-loving friend to go with and keep you accountable.

In no time at all, you’ll be your dog’s best fit friend! You’ll both look and feel better, and you’ll find your bond growing with each fit-and-fun activity!

Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton


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