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Top 5 Dog Health Issues and the Products That Solve Them

by Samantha Meyers October 24, 2017

Top 5 Dog Health Issues and the Products That Solve Them

There’s something so satisfying about shopping for products that make a positive difference in the life of your dog. And before you tell me to check in to shoppaholics anonymous, let me explain. While not every ailment can be solved with a cart full of dog goodies, there are many common dog problems that can be solved with over-the-counter solutions. This doesn’t mean you should skip a necessary trip to the vet, but if your dog is covered in fleas, or has a dry coat, there are things you can do to help.

Itchy Skin - I own a French Bulldog, which means I basically chose to have doggy skin issues be my number one life concern when bringing home my snorting buddy, but it is a problem that plagues many dogs of all breeds. As long as there are no underlying issues for itching, there are many products that can help nourish your dog’s dry skin:

    • One of my favorites are healthy oils and probiotics which can be added to your dog’s food. These help battle yeast, a common reason for itching and infection, and offer a heavy dose of omega-3’s to help sooth dryness from the inside out. These are also great for picky eaters as it adds a delicious, fishy treat to their meal.
    • Shampoos - Dog’s with skin issues generally need their skin kept clean, but bathing can often dry a dog’s skin out if you aren't using the right products. you need to look for a shampoo that adds essential oils to the skin rather than stripping away the natural oils that are already present.
    • Treats - Like adding oils to your dog’s food, treats can help you solve the problem from the inside out. Look for treats that are rich in healthy oils that can help you get to the root of your dog’s problem.

Bad Breath - If bad breath persists and gets really funky, see your vet, but a little bad breath can often be solved at home.

    • Toothbrush and toothpaste - there are several to choose from and really most will do. Pick a toothpaste that has natural ingredients and avoid anything with a lot of sugar. Regular brushing at home will keep tooth problems at bay.
    • Treats - A good teeth cleaning treat can help with tartar control and are a perfect preventative that your dog will enjoy.
    • Toys - Bones, toys and chews can also aid in your dog’s dental care. I find the ones with grooves and nubs most effective in pulling off tartar.
Dry and Brittle Coat - We talked about skin, but the coat is a bit of a separate issue. Keeping your dog’s coat clean, soft and moisturized is an easy fix with the right products.
    • Shampoo and Conditioner - Don’t just choose one that smells nice! While you might not be accustomed to looking at the ingredients in shampoo, it’s as important as looking at your dog’s food ingredients. Look for ingredients such as Royal Jelly, Evening Primrose and Keratin, which can help to grow, repair and volumize your dog’s hair.
    • Treats with Vitamin A -  A necessary vitamin for skin and coat health, there are treats available to help add this essential vitamin to your dog's body.
Anxiety - It seems that anxieties run high in today’s world and dogs are no exception. If your dog is a bit high strung, there are products that can help ease his worries.
    • Relaxing Shampoo/Spray - Bath can be a time of high anxiety for many dogs, so choosing a shampoo and after bath sprays rich with the calming scents of lavender and lemon balm can help to put your pup at ease.
    • Treats - Lavender and lemon balm can also help on your dog’s inside so treats featuring these calming ingredients are a good choice for calming your dog inside out.
Joint Pain - As dogs age, joint problems become unavoidable. Again, there are many products available to help put a little extra pep in your dog’s step. Seeking out treats, and supplements high in glucosamine and chondroitin are a great addition to your dog’s diet and can make a significant change in your dog’s mobility, especially if started early in your dog’s life.

    Samantha Meyers
    Samantha Meyers


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