Top 3 Life Hack for Urban Dog Owners

by Jane McDonald February 18, 2017

Top 3 Life Hack for Urban Dog Owners

Congrats!  After weeks of scouring Zillow and countless tours of “garden-level” dungeons, you have finally found the perfect apartment!  Sure it’s only 527 sq. ft., but it’s got tons of natural light and it’s right across the street from your dog’s favorite park.  So you, your pup and your 37 pairs of shoes move in - how bad could it be?

Bad.  Epic bad.

You haven’t made your bed since you moved in because your dog claims it the moment you wake up, avoiding the hurricane that your frenzied mornings leave.  Literally everything is covered in dog hair.  (Dog hair that is covered in lord knows what because you haven’t had time to give him a bath since you moved in because you spend all your time trying to remove dog hair!)  Worst of all, he is out of sorts ever since you moved - anxious, hyper and needy.

Fear not, urban warrior!  We have searched high and low to find the 3 quintessential tips to living harmoniously with your furry friend.  Drum roll, please….

1) Create a haven for your hound

Just like you, your pup needs a space of his own.  For puppies, a crate provides a sense of comfort and a safe space for accidents and play to occur.  Similarly, adult dog beds allow them to indulge their nature to be the master of their domain, as well as provide a soft spot for their joints to rest as they age.  Consolidate toys nightly in their nook, reaffirming that this is their space.  Once your hound has his own haven, he won’t need to claim yours!

2) Develop a routine to tame small-space chaos

You already know this but we will remind you: you’re dog is a genius!  He can learn, adapt and provide self-care easily if you provide a routine.  Before he even gets a chance to claim your unmade bed, head straight out the door for a brisk morning walk that gives him a much needed potty break, elevates his heart rate and reminds him that he is the #1 priority of your day.

When you return, place an enrichment toy in his haven (see #1) that will keep him engaged while you prepare for the day.  Setting regular times for walks, feedings and play time throughout the day will give your dog a sense of comfort in the small space, and will help prevent accidents.

3) Remember, if it makes your life easier (and cleaner) - it’s worth it!

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the time or money for weekly visits to the groomer.  Luckily there are great products on the market that help keep our pets’ fur clean in-between visits.  Our CocoClean Brush Spray does triple duty: freshening Fido’s coat with ExtenScent natural odor-neutralizing complexes, safely freshening the air in your home, and helping to comfortably reduce the excess hair found throughout the small apartment.  (And when you do make it to the groomer, have them trim your dog’s leg hair short, limiting the amount of dirt and debris he will picks up on walks.)

Which brings us to our bonus tip, if you live with a canine or feline shedder and don’t have a Roomba®, it’s time.  Roomba® is a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses sensors to operate autonomously, which is a fancy way of saying it will vacuum your house while you aren’t there.  (Think a compact version of Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons.) 

So there you have it, 3 simple things you can do to make living with your dog in small spaces infinitely easier.  A haven, a routine and life-saver products.  If you’re aching for more ways to streamline living with your pup, here are a few great articles with more tips and tricks. 

You’ve GOT THIS!


Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald


Jane is a dog-loving marketer with a passion for writing. She presently works for Denver-based agency OffLeash Communications and spends her free time outside enjoying her beloved state of Colorado and making new furry friends as a top-rated dog sitter on

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