Shedding Tips to Keep Your Dog Comfortable Year Round

by Maggie Marton July 05, 2017

Shedding Tips to Keep Your Dog Comfortable Year Round

Whether it's hot or cold out, you can help keep your dog comfortable by taking proper care of her coat. Shedding happens year-round, so be sure to follow these quick rules to make sure her coat is clean, beautiful and able to do its primary job (to regulate her body temperature!):


And then brush some more! Yes, brushing your pet should be a year-round grooming task to keep his skin and coat healthy. In the summer, though, increase your routine based on your dog’s coat. Short-haired pups might not need a thorough comb-out as often as a thicker-coated dog, but the trick is to keep the dead hair, dander, and outside gunk brushed out of your pup’s coat. A clean, debris-free coat feels better and cooler, helping your dog feel comfortable.


If your dog’s skin is particularly dry, mist with a spray like Isle of Dogs’ Lush Coating Brush Spray. If your dog’s skin and coat are otherwise healthy and free from dry, cracked patches, consider misting him from a spray bottle filled with cool water. Not all dogs enjoy the sensation, but for those who do, it’s a luxurious way to cool down.


Baths are particularly important in the summer to keep your pup’s coat soft and silky. Dog fur is actually perfectly evolved to help maintain a safe and even temperature--barring extremes, of course.

Finally, never shave your dog’s coat. Ever. Shaving your pup can actually cause him to overheat instead of the other way around. While it might seem like the fastest way to cool your pup, it can be the fastest way to cause heat stroke. Head back to our blog to learn how your dog's coat really works

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Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton


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August 24, 2017

To add to this, the right type of brush is also crucial. A slicker or furminator will work fine for short haired dogs while an undercoat rake like the Paws Pamper is great for double coated dogs.

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