The First 9 Questions You Definitely Want to Ask Your Groomer

by Maggie Marton October 15, 2016

The First 9 Questions You Definitely Want to Ask Your Groomer

Choosing a groomer for your precious pup is about so much more than style. It’s about safety.

Yes, you need to find a pro who primps your dog’s breed (see question 7 below), but you also need to make sure the groomer is credentialed and that the salon treats dogs safely and carefully. We’ve all heard the stores of dogs perishing at salons—everything from an unsafe dryer causing heat stroke to an unattended dog getting catastrophically injured.

As you look to hire a groomer for your dog, start with these nine questions:

  1. May I have a tour of your facility right now?
  2. Where are the dogs groomed?
  3. Are they crated at any point? If so, for how long? May I see the crate?
  4. Do the dogs get potty breaks?
  5. What is the supervision like? Constant? Or how long are they outside of view?
  6. What are your credentials and certifications?
  7. Do you have experience grooming my breed?
  8. How do you handle {insert special need like fear or arthritis here}?
  9. What is their emergency procedure? Is anyone on staff certified in canine first aid or CPR?

Once you’ve found a groomer who satisfies the basics of safety, you can dig into questions more specific to your dog. For instance, if you have a dog who’s sensitive to products, can you bring your own for the groomer to use? If your dog is getting a fashion style or bling, do they use non-toxic brands?

The bottom line when it comes to choosing a groomer: Safety first. Style second.

Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton


Maggie Marton is a freelance writer based in Indianapolis. When not hiking with her two pit mixes, Emmett and Cooper, or playing with Newt the Cat, Maggie writes about them (and the pet industry) at and 

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