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The Super Food Ingredient Your Dog Needs: Fabulous Flaxseed

by Jane McDonald August 09, 2017

The Super Food Ingredient Your Dog Needs: Fabulous Flaxseed

As our culture becomes more aware of what we are putting in our bodies, comes the recognition of “super foods,” which are foods that are particularly nutrient-rich and improve overall health and well-being. Along with well-known super foods like blueberries and kale, there is a long list of lesser known super foods like kafir, acai, goji berry and the topic of today’s post: flaxseed!

What Is Flax?

If you’re like me, you might be thinking: isn’t flax a textile? Yes, flax is the plant that linen is made from! Flax has been being woven into fabric since the Paleolithic Era 30,000 years ago and later was considered a sign of purity in ancient Egyptian culture. Like most of the earth’s best plants, from seed to flower, flax can be practically utilized, as well as consumed. Flax is a fiber crop that also boasts beautiful pale blue blooms making it a sensible and lovely addition to any cooler-environment garden. 

Why Are Flaxseed Good for My Dog (and Me)?

The fruit of the flax plant is a small bulb filled with seeds, which are the super-seeds we are after. Flaxseeds offer a bullet-worthy list of benefits:

    • Known to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair, which is why flaxseed is in our healthy Baked and Soft Treats!
    • Contain immune supporting alpha-linleic acid that offers benefits to your dog’s daily wellness
    • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids (the stuff in fish-oil supplements) that reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, and helps to prevent blood clots
    • Proven natural anti-inflammatory effect, which could help arthritic dogs and injured dogs
    • Helps with re-establishing normal thirst and urination, aiding in restoring weight and appetite and increasing energy level

Believe it or not - we could go on! Flaxseed and its oil have seemingly endless benefits - plus it’s naturally gluten-free and antioxidant rich. Isle of Dogs honors the connection to health and well-being on the inside and out - check out our colorful ingredients page to learn more about flaxseed and the other ingredients that go into our industry leading treats and food.

Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald


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