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Summer Swimming! The Benefits of Brush Sprays

by Brandi Majerle July 17, 2018

Summer Swimming! The Benefits of Brush Sprays

Summers in the desert can get quite warm for the PBJ Pack, so we do a lot of swimming to stay cool! Whether it’s a paw dip or a whole body submerge, once we’ve been in the pool and dried off, a brush out must come next! It’s always important to keep the mats away. None of us want to be shaved - that would be a total image killer.

Since swimming is such a big part of our summer routine, we were thrilled with the results we received from using CocoClean Brush Sprays from Isle of Dogs! The brush sprays include Coconut Oil, which helps the brush move smoothly through the dog’s coat. The Coconut Oil also helps keep our skin and coat moisturized, which is key after spending lots of time in the pool. And, as an added bonus, each of us have our own scent that makes us smell extra yummy!

For brushing coats like we have, we recommend using a slicker brush with small pins. It is an ideal brush for removing tangles or loose hair, and preventing mats in the coat. Using the brush spray helps to prevent static buildup and hair breakage. It’s very important to never brush a dry coat and remember to brush down to the roots to remove loose hairs, tangles and dirt. This helps prevent mats from developing.

Brush in the direction of the fur with long, smooth strokes. We usually start on the back, working our way to the back legs, then underneath. Make sure you get the underarms well; it’s a great place for mats to form. Then finish up with the front legs, chest, under the chin and lastly the head and ears.

Our summer swimming schedule really determines how often we get brushed - sometimes it’s every day, and sometimes it’s a couple times a week. Keeping our skin and coat moisturized, clear of mats and dirt, and looking fabulous is of utmost importance!

Brandi Majerle
Brandi Majerle


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