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Should Your Dog Be In Your Wedding: Part II

Should Your Dog Be In Your Wedding: Part II

Part I of this blog series covered the basic Dos and Don’ts surrounding the question ‘Should You Have Your Dog in Your Wedding?’ Here, Part II goes a step further outlining a timeline for you and your partner to follow so your dog is looking and feeling her best for the big day (no matter what her role), as well as share real-life advice from some savvy Isle of Dogs’ brides!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

  • Functional Treats: Find treats that she loves well before your wedding day that tackle small problems. Does she have a case of doggy breath? Treats with natural ingredients like parsley, apple and peppermint will make sure she is charming, even up close. Anxiety issues? Calming lavender and lemon balm will keep the edge off. Isle of Dogs is proud to have developed solutions for many common canine issues by harnessing nature’s plant allies.
  • Routine: Make the wedding day less of a novelty by incorporating activities into her daily routine. Schedule a visit of the venue and let her sniff around, make regular play-dates with her plus one, get her used to a being groomed and if she’s in the event, practice her duties for that day.
  • The Goods: Every bride (and groom) knows they need to test drive the hairstyle and beauty products they plan to use for a wedding. (I find this to be true of wedding guests, as well.) It’s no different here! Make things easy on yourself and fill out the Isle of Dogs Coat Check to receive a customized product recommendation based on your dog’s breed, coat-type and lifestyle. Then test those products out to make sure optimal results are reached. (If not, which is unlikely, we have an awesome guarantee on all of our products.)
  • Bond: Take some special time to bond and love on her so she doesn’t feel deprived when you’re both a little busy the following day. (We realize this is likely already a nightly activity.)
  • 24 Hours and Counting

  • Grooming: Time for the finishing touches to ensure her beauty is shining its brightest! Take her to a groomer she is comfortable with and have her groomed as she normally would be with the hand selected products just for her (that you found months ago because you’re smart like that.) Limit messy outdoor activity until the wedding is over.
  • Regular Routine: As I mentioned in Part I of our blog series, keep her daily routine in place the night before and day of your wedding so she is in her comfort zone and ready to party.
  • 2 Hours from Here Comes the Bride

  • Sniff of the Territory: Before guests arrive have your dog’s plus one take her for a full sniff of the perimeter and interior of the space so she knows the lay of the land and will feel comfortable once the space is filled with people.
  • Rest Up and Touch Up: Be sure she gets some quiet time directly before the event. While it may be tempting to let her play with the wedding party, she will be better prepared if she has some time to herself. After lying down, give her coat a final brushing with our CocoClean Calming Brush Spray, making her smell and feel wonderful.
  • Mini Walk and a Potty break: This should be the very last thing her date does before the ceremony begins. Give you honored guest and date an aisle seat should they need to slip out at any point.
  • A lot of what can be stressful for dogs about big events is anticipation derived from lack of planning to create familiarity and comfort with the day. The best piece of advice we can give you is to do what you normally do, treat her like a family member and be mindful of her needs surrounding your wedding day. Plan ahead so she understands her surroundings, her role and is cared for throughout the day. 


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