Should Your Dog Be in Your Wedding? Part I

by Jane McDonald May 08, 2017

Should Your Dog Be in Your Wedding? Part I

This picture from Mikos Photography pretty much sums it up: why WOULDN’T you want your beloved fur-friends present for your big day?! In our modern society many of us are lucky enough to say, “my dog is my best friend,” so the thought of leaving them out of nuptials is difficult. Hence the recent trend to design canine-friendly weddings! But before you strap a ring bearer’s pillow on your pup’s back, there are quite a few factors you will want to consider to ensure you find the right way to incorporate him into your upcoming wedding. Let’s start with some easy Dos and Don’ts:


  • Ask if dogs are allowed at the wedding venue. Step one, people.
  • Consider your dog’s personality. Is he well behaved and comfortable in crowds? Does he love being the center of attention? If yes, then your dog may be suited for a starring role such as a ring bearer or flower pup.
  • In either role pair him up with a human he is comfortable with to guide him through the day. (His dog-walker / sitter or a well-known family member.)
  • If your dog isn't the stroll-down-the-aisle kind of guy, listing your dog as a Guest of Honor or an unofficial Wedding Party Member on the program is a great way to include a skittish or crowd-shy pup into the event, as well as taking photos with him.
  • Remember that his behavior cannot be predicted. No matter how good the dog, factors such as anticipation, unknown guests and changes to your home’s layout can change expected behavior. Do rely on anxiety-reducing products like Isle of Dogs Chillout products with naturally soothing (and delicious smelling) Lavender and Lemon Balm to help keep him ‘chill’ as he navigates the exciting day. (The lovely calming scent of the Brush Spray will also tame human jitters!)
  • Make a grooming plan. From nail and fur length to smelling great inside and out, you will want to outline a plan to make sure he is looking his best! We will be the first to admit that the topic of pre-wedding grooming is a blog post in itself, which bring us to our final DO…
  • Stay tuned for Should Your Dog Be in Your Wedding Part II where we will lay out a step-by-step timeline for partners to follow in the weeks before their nuptials to get him wedding-ready!


  • Fail to warn guests and the photographer that your dog will be present at the wedding and in photos. Letting them know about your honored guest will ensure he is welcomed with lots of love and attention vs. surprise. (This also includes ‘don’t decide to include your dog in your wedding last minute’. Trust us, just don’t.)
  • Skip his daily routine. Enlist his partner for the day to make sure he is walked, played with, fed and given down time like any other day. Don’t disrupt his den within your home (bring it with you and place in a quiet spot, if off site), as that will remain his haven if he becomes overwhelmed throughout the day.
  • Over-accessorize in the spirit of style. If you have a Frenchie that is comfortable in full get-ups, by all means put him in the adorable tux! (Then send us picture, please.) On the other hand, if you have a St. Bernard who finds his collar a nuisance, skip the torture and rely on his inner beauty that will shine bright after you follow the steps we will lay of for you in Part II of our Should Your Dog Be in Your Wedding (coming mid-May).

Are you having a wedding soon and plan to include your dog? We would love to hear all about it! Just tag us at @iodogs on Instagram or Facebook so we can gab about your big day!


Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald


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