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Science Says, "Dogs Improve Wellness"

Science Says, "Dogs Improve Wellness"

While we spend a vast majority of our time at Isle of Dogs discussing and developing solutions focused on your pet's wellness, our own personal well-being is an important element of our office culture. One of our favorite wellness experts is Well + Good.  We love them because they too seek to live a healthier and happier life. They recently published an article on the irrefutable evidence that owning a dog is beneficial to the owner’s wellness!

From increased daily activity to decreased stress levels, the health benefits of being a dog owner are well documented and again proven in a recent study.  Read the full Well + Good article here and learn the many ways owning a dog will literally make your life better.  It’s science, people!

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Sep 28, 2017

I LOVE LOVE your products!! I recently lost my Tea Cup Poodle Fifi who was my Service Dog. I payed her gift of Love forward at Nursing Homes and Hospitals. I have been using your products for over three years now. I took pictures of Fifi with a lot of people of all walks of life. I used Keratin volume sulfate & paraben free line. The fragrance was violet + sea mist then in between baths I used lush coating brush spray. I Loved the wonderful fragrance which lasted a very long time over any other dog shampoos I’ve ever used. And, I tried many many kinds over the past 10 1/2 years. Her beautiful black body and Gorgeous long flowing silver ears made her Poodle hair Pom, ears and body SO soft and once again the smell of the violet stayed for such a long time. And, one of the really Great things is it’s very concentrated and lasts a long time. The price isn’t much more than pet store charge but WELL worth it. You’ll never use a different shampoo or conditioner after you try these products. You also get the products very quickly. Customer Service is very good as well. I was given a male toy poodle puppy whose 4 months old. I’ve used it on him too. Same thing his fur is Gorgeous. Thank you SO much Isle of dogs I will never change dog shampoo products again!! I constantly tell everyone who pets my dog what products I used so word of your products are getting out there in Central Pennsylvania

Mandy Gornak

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