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In-Home Spa Day for You and Your Dog

by Jane McDonald July 09, 2017

In-Home Spa Day for You and Your Dog

Who doesn’t love a spa day? It's a day dedicated to relaxation, pampering and grooming - men and women alike are visiting spas with more frequency. Literally the only down side to a luxurious day at the spa is the cost. It’s difficult to spend under $100 at the spa, as even mani / pedis come with a $50+ price tag. So what is a fabulous spa-loving gal to do?… That’s right - bring the spa home! 

Alternating costly visits with an in-home spa day can save the average spa-goer hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. While the process my be slightly more manual, we have no doubt you can reach ohm-worthy relaxation in the comfort of your own home. The best part - your best friend can join in on the fun! (And we don't mean your sister.)

An in-home spa day is a great way to touch up your dog’s grooming and bond while you both luxuriate in delicious smells, calming treatments and healthy snacks. Ready to slip into your white robe? Here's what you need to know to have a successful in-home spa day for you and your dog.

Get the Goods

Make a list of the “treatments” you want to enjoy on spa day, addressing what you have in home (towels, nail polish, lotion etc…) and what you will need to buy. Here are a few ideas for spa day activities, but don’t be limited by this list - the sky is the limit when it comes to in-home spa days! (We did our best to keep our spa inexpensive.)

    • Deep Conditioning for Two: Refresh your tresses, and your pup's fur, with a deep conditioning treatment. Only you know what is best for your hair type but we know that the Coature Nutrient Masque is exactly what your dog’s coat needs.
    • Face Masks & Brushing: DIY a homemade, raw mask or break out your favorite drugstore face mask and apply. While it sets, use a few spritzes of your favorite brush spray on her coat and treat her to a nose-to-tail brushing.
    • Hand & Paw Treatment: Clean up both your nails with files (not the same one) and after moisturizing, use your favorite polish color on your fingers and toes while she enjoys a nap on her spa bed.

Set the Scene

Creating a spa-like atmosphere is imperative to reaching spa-level relaxation. Start by picking a location - we suggest the bathroom but any room in the house will do. 

    • Freshen: Remove floors and surfaces of clutter, using natural pet-friendly cleaning products only if needed. (It is spa day not cleaning day, after all.) Grab a bottle & bowl of water, light your favorite scented candle and create comfy seating areas for you and your pup. 
    • Mood Lighting: Skip harsh overhead and bright external light, substituting lamps that contain warm bulbs or strings of holiday lights, both which will create a soothing glow. (Use a desk lamp for detail tasks like painting your nails.)
    • Tune Out: Leave the phone (and the world) outside of the spa! This time is about relaxation, bonding and pampering only. Whether it's classical music or silence, do what you need to do to tap in to that quite place within yourself.

Wash Up

All good spa treatments start with a clean canvas, which means bath time for both of you! Isle of Dogs is a grooming industry leader and has everything you will need for her bath, including instructions! If she is water adverse or you want to skip the hassle of a bath try our Refreshing Waterless Shampoo. (We’re confident you’ve got your bathing strategy covered!)

Once you have taken the time to prepare, set the scene and get cleaned up - you’ll be ready to commence your in-home spa day! Whether it is an hour or all day is entirely up to you, but no matter how you do it, this time will be a joy for both you and your dog.

Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald


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