How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Star

by Jane McDonald April 06, 2017

How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Star

You’ve been thinking it since the moment she perked up her ears and strutted for you at the local rescue, ‘THIS DOG IS A STAR!’  And why not, she should be!  Hundreds of thousands of dogs have their own Instagram accounts with, if they’re in the top 5%, hundreds of thousands of followers.  Don’t be fooled it’s not as simple as “posting cute pics” - making her an IG Idol requires inspiration, planning and knowing all the right tricks.  Read on, soon-to-be Superstar!

Get Creative

From high style and meticulous sets to vast landscapes and adventure, Instagram is filled with an array of outstanding dog feeds with one commonality: creativity.  So the next time you go to snap another cute photo of your dog looking up at you from the kitchen floor, think how you can change things up.  Perhaps it’s just sitting on the floor to get a different perspective, or get ambitious, swap her collar for your faux pearls and take her to that gorgeous art deco building you walk by everyday for a hour-long architectural shoot.  However you do it, bring an element of imagination to your photos.

Look Good, Feel Good

Isle of Dogs knows the trick to true beauty is being healthy inside and out.  Feeding your dog healthy food and snacks, like our 100% Natural Baked Treats is the first step.  Junk food is bad for everyone!  The second step is keeping her coat healthy and fresh with products full of nutrient-rich ingredients like Evening Primrose and Royal Jelly from our luxurious Coature collection.  (We named it that for a reason!)  The final step is capitalizing on the precious Instaworthy moments you share, where she is looking her best – like she does every day! (Although a quick touch-up with a conditioning Brush Spray never hurts. Yes, it will fit in your tote bag.)

Accessorize (Or Don’t)

If you’re lucky to have a patient poseable pup, she may enjoy hamming it up in your oversized sunglasses or a tutu!  There is a great big world of dog accessories out there, so fall down that Google rabbit hole if your diva loves props.  That being said, many dogs literally refuse to be adorned with anything beyond their collar.  (After all, (baby) they were born that way.)  Fortunately, collars and leashes can be affordably bought to change out her look easily.  And there is no better place to find something truly unique than handmade-haven Etsy.

Pro Tips

The unofficial Canine King of Instagram is The Dogist, documentary photographer, who shoots all of his fury Insta-Stars on the teeming streets of  NYC.  With 2.4 million IG followers and a NYT bestseller, he knows how to get pups to give good face. 

  • Have something she wants – whether tasty or squeaky, something to focus her attention on you (the camera) is essential
  • Fill the frame – check that everything within the frame of your photo is intentional
  • Take multiple shots – in the digital age you can afford to take a variety of shots to ensure you capture the moment (the iPhoto “burst” setting is perfect for this)

Here is the full rundown of this Insta-pro’s top 5 tips for a perfect picture.

These simple tips, along with your own distinctive point-of-view, will get you and your gorgeous girl or boy on the road to InstaStardom!  Be sure to send us a post card once you have arrived.

Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald


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