How to Fit Healthy Habits into Your Dog’s Daily Routine

by Maggie Marton April 11, 2017

How to Fit Healthy Habits into Your Dog’s Daily Routine

Who feels like there’s enough time to fit it all in? With maybe the exception of Buddhist monks chanting in Tibetan monasteries, there’s literally no one who feels like they can do it all.

And while our to-do lists never get any shorter, there are ways to keep your dog healthy, despite your busy schedule. Here are a few tips on fitting it all in:


We all need down time every day to de-stress, unwind … escape! Personally, I’m a TV lover, which gives me the perfect opportunity to watch my favorite shows while taking care of my pup's grooming needs. Seriously...just turn on Netflix, grab a dog brush, pull up a seat on the floor and both of you will love the hour you spend relaxing. This is also a great time to get your dog used to being touched in sensitive areas like the feet and tail. By getting her used to this type of handling, she'll do much better at the vet and groomer.

Mental Exercise

Your dog really does need multiple walks a day, but equally important is making sure she gets the mental exercise she needs. The easiest way to fit in puzzles and brain games, is to do it during meal time. Instead of using a dog bowl, toss her kibble into the yard so she can forage for it, or hide it around the house for the best game of nose work ever. You can also buy food puzzles that make a challenge out of mealtime. This kind of mental workout will tire your pup out just as much as physical exercise and it keeps her mind sharp and young! 


Schedule Ahead

The next time you’re at the vet, schedule your pet’s next round of well-visits. You’ll keep your pet healthy without having to remember to schedule them several months down the road.

Prescription Plan

Many vet’s offices offer discounts if you purchase more of your pet’s medication up front; for instance, a monthly med for my dog came with one free for every six purchased. It feels like a bigger expense up front but saves time (not going back every month!) and money. Or, if your pet’s meds have a human counterpart, consider moving the prescriptions to the pharmacy where you already shop to cut out a trip to the vet.


With all the time you saved, dedicate those bonus minutes to longer exercise or play sessions with your pup!

Maggie Marton
Maggie Marton


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