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Healthy Must-Have Products Show Dogs Swear By

Healthy Must-Have Products Show Dogs Swear By

It takes a lot of "she was born with it" looks and talent to make it in the show ring, but every good show dog (and handler) knows that there is a lot more that goes into perfecting a pup than natural beauty.

Behind every show dog is an arsenal of food, treats and products to make them shine.

Balanced Dog Food

You wouldn’t run a race or play a sport without eating and you likely wouldn’t succeed at your chosen sport if you filled your body with fast-food all day. Same goes for dogs. Show dogs are athletes and their care and nutrition should reflect that.

Healthy Treats

Show dogs go through a lot of treats during a day in the ring, but instead of filling up on fluff, nutritional and functional treats can give dogs an added boost. There are many great treats out there that offer a variety of functions and benefits. From supporting healthy joints with glucosamine and chondroitin, to giving their coat extra shine with essential oils like flaxseeds, there are healthy treats to suit every dog.

Grooming Tools

  • Shampoos and Conditioners

If you’ve ever watched a dog show, one of the first things you are likely to notice is the shine, volume and movement of the dog’s coats. Hours of prep go into making these hair-dos a reality, but aside from the labor there are several great products and tools that help contribute to the end result.  From evening primrose to royal jelly, the ingredients in shampoos can help reduce the harsh effects of grooming and can leave your dog’s hair and skin better and healthier than it started off.

  • Brushes and Combs

Once a dog is cleaned and conditioned, it’s the combs and brushes that help show off a dog’s perfect coat. While the types of tools vary from coat to coat, with a little trial and error you can find the perfect brush for grooming. And once you do, you’ll want to buy a few extra to have on hand. 

  • Supplements

While dog food and treats are a necessary base to a show dog's diet, there are many great natural supplements that can be added to your dog's food to up their game. Coconut oil, flaxseeds and royal jelly can all help to reduce inflammation and give an added shine. And in the show ring, every little bit of shine and sparkle counts.

  • The Perfect Toy

Even a working dog has to have a little fun. Not only are toys a great substitution for treats, but they can help inside and out of the show ring. Toys provide both the mental and physical stimulation needed to keep a dog in peak condition. Again, when you find one that you and your dog can agree upon, stock up!


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