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Healthy Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

by Tori Mistick September 18, 2018

Healthy Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

If you ever run out of treats, there are tons of healthy foods right in your kitchen that are safe to share with your dog. Fresh, all-natural foods are usually your best bet instead of anything packaged and processed. Before you start sharing your lunch with your dog, check the list at the end of this post for foods that aren’t safe for dogs.

Berries Are a Great Source of Antioxidants

I was inspired by Isle of Dogs treats to reach for some blueberries to share with Lucy. She usually rolls them around on the floor a few times before chomping down. Blueberries and strawberries are great dog-friendly foods because they contain a lot of natural antioxidants. A fun way to serve them is to freeze chunks in a treat mold or ice cube tray with a little water and coconut oil. These quick popsicles are so tasty that you can even share them with your dog!

Since Lucy is obsessed with the Isle of Dogs Joint treats with cherry, I know that cherries are also a safe antioxidant-rich food for dogs. However, you need to be very careful that they don’t eat any pits or stems. With this super food, it might be easier to stick to the pre-made treats!

Pumpkin Is Good for More than Just a PSL

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are a fall favorite, but did you know that pumpkin can be a healthy treat for your dog year round? Just a small scoop on to of your dog’s food can entice them to gobble down their meal. It’s also great for dogs with upset stomachs since pumpkin is a natural source of fiber. Make sure you buy 100% natural canned pumpkin with no sugar added.

This Fruit Makes My Dog Go B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

One of Lucy’s favorite foods is bananas! Whenever I peel one she comes running into the kitchen. It’s a healthy food that we love to share. I usually give her the ends and I eat the middle. Bananas are a great source of magnesium which promotes bone growth and helps the body produce protein and absorb vitamins. If I want to make a banana snack for Lucy last a little longer, I’ll freeze it inside a stuffable rubber toy like a Kong.

Movie Night Snacks

If you don’t have any of these fruits on hand, reach for some popcorn.  I started buying whole kernels and popping it myself on the stove with a little bit of coconut oil. This plain version is great to share with Lucy! I just need to make sure I lay a towel down under her while we snack together because popcorn makes her drool more than anything else! Save the salt and butter for your own portion since those additions aren’t great for your dog’s health.

Advice for Sharing Food With Your Dog

When you’re sharing food with your dog, always do it in moderation and avoid sharing food straight from your plate because it will encourage your dog to beg at the table. Another reason to avoid sharing from your plate is that you don’t want to give your dog anything that’s seasoned with salt, sugar or spices. Plain, nutrient rich foods are your best bet!

There are many foods that are safe to share with your dog, but there are a few that are dangerous. Check this list and do some research before you settle in with your pup to share a snack.

Foods that are dangerous for dogs:
Grapes and Raisins
Xylitol (found in candy, gum and diet food)
Macadamia Nuts


About the author: Tori Mistick is the stylish dog mom behind the award-winning blog Wear Wag Repeat. She loves to document dog-friendly adventures with her Chocolate Labrador, Lucy. Find Tori and Lucy on Instagram: @tmistick

Tori Mistick
Tori Mistick


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