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Hands Down the 7 Best Dog Grooming Products

by Samantha Meyers November 04, 2016

Hands Down the 7 Best Dog Grooming Products

Clean up your grooming collection, with these must-haves.

Choosing the perfect grooming products for your dog can be overwhelming. There are shampoos for every color, brushes for every hair type and so many scissors and clippers that you may be tempted to throw in the bath towel, before you even begin.

In my house, we have one shorthaired, wrinkly French Bulldog and one wild and long haired Australian Shepherd Poodle. We do a combination of at home and professional grooming and we’ve tried more than our share of products trying to keep everyone clean and looking pretty. So before you break the bank buying and trying the best products for your Poodle's perfect puff, check out this list of essential grooming products.

Shampoo & Conditioner

While it may be tempting to buy a shampoo based on price or smell, it’s important to pick a quality shampoo that is suited for, and will take care of, your dog’s coat and skin. Look for essential oils and specialty ingredients that will target your dog’s skin and coat type. This will give you a great base for your grooming session and can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to issues such as dry skin, dry coat, shedding and tangles.

Detangle Spray/Comb

You can skip this if your dog has slick and short hair, but if you have a dog with longer hair don’t pass it up. A good detangle spray and combo can be a miracle worker for preventing and removing mats. 


A good quality brush is so important and brushing your dog is something that should be done regularly for your dog’s sake and your own. Make sure to brush your dog pre-bath to help remove any excess dirt or tangles.

  • For short hair dogs: I love boar bristle brushes and rubber grooming brushes/mitts to help pull off dead-hair and dirt.
  • For long-hair: My self-cleaning slicker brush might be my favorite dog product of all time. The slicker brush is great for pulling out loose hair and dirt and the self cleaning variety saves so much time and effort. Considering how many times I have to empty my brush when grooming my doodle, I can only imagine how many collective hours this has saved me.
Grooming Wipes

Wet wipes are a must and have saved us from many a disaster. They are perfect for wiping muddy paws, messy wrinkles, and dirty bottoms. They are also a great option for freshening-up pup, in-between bath times.


If you have a patient dog who stands still, get yourself a pair of shears made for cutting hair. If you have a wiggle worm, consider a pair of smaller scissors that have a ball-tip (often used for face and ear trimming.) While I leave haircuts to the professionals, having scissors on hand has saved my long haired dog’s coat on many occasions. While good shampoo and brushing help prevent mats, they are sometimes inevitable. Clipping out a few tiny knots here and there can save your dog’s coat from needing to be shaved. They are also useful for trimming up hairs in-between the toes, sanitary regions and hair that falls in-front of the eyes between grooms. 

Nail Clippers and Styptic Powder

My older dog is what you would call a screamer (also known as a drama queen), so I don’t actually own nail clippers. But if your dog tolerates nail clipping and doesn’t scar you for life, every time you hold up a clipper, then by all means, you should have one of these in your supply. Find a size that fits well in your hand and is appropriate for your dog’s nails. Also, always have styptic powder on hand in case of a nick. It will help stop the bleeding.

Microfiber Towel

I went years without owning one of these and I really don’t know why. They now make up my entire collection of dog towels as they really help remove the water from your dog’s coat, making it a cleaner and more pleasant experience for everyone. Aside from saving you energy, they save actual energy as well as they don’t need to go through the dryer after being washed.

Samantha Meyers
Samantha Meyers


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