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Grooming DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Grooming DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

To groom or not to groom? That is the question.

For some people the answer may be obvious, whether you are motivated by a financial decision, comfort level in grooming, or your dog’s unruly coat, one choice might seem more suited to you and your dog. And while there is no right or wrong answer, there are certainly positives to both.

Going Pro

Unless you have years of grooming experience yourself, there is much that professional grooming has to offer.

  • They Know Breeds and Coat Types
    • A good groomer is familiar with the coats of all breeds and will make sure your dog stays looking true to form or can provide you options for cuts and styles that would suit them best.
  • Your Dog Will Likely Behave Better/May Be Less Stressed
    • Ever notice how kids always behave better for other people? Dogs can often be the same way, especially when it’s someone familiar with handling dogs of all shapes, sizes and energy levels. They exude a confidence that tells the dog they are in good hands. A groomer also will likely be faster and more efficient than you, making it a faster and smoother process.
  • They Do Things You Don’t Want/Know How to Do
    • A full grooming will include head to tail service. This means ears will be cleaned, nails trimmed, hair between the toes and around there personal parts will be clipped, and anal glands will be cleared. Even if you don’t mind the dirty work, it isn’t always easy to accomplish without a grooming table, experience and a patient dog.
  • They Have all of the Supplies and the Space
    • You can save your self time, space and money on grooming tools, because they have everything you need. Not to mention you can save yourself a mess! Our bathroom looks like it was attacked by doodle fur, web-spinning spiders after blow-drying our dog. Fur covered ceilings are a real thing. 


Stay at Home

Home grooming, if you have the time and the space, can be beneficial to your dog and your pocket book.

  • Cost
    • One of the biggest benefits of grooming at home is the financial savings. Professional grooming can be pricey, especially if you have a long haired or larger dog – or a long-haired, large dog. That being said, if you plan to groom at home regularly, it’s a good idea to invest in products that will help make your job easier and more efficient
  • Comfort/Stress
    • Some dogs, especially seniors will feel more comfortable at home. The change of place, people and the experience of grooming can sometimes be too much for some dogs to handle, so at home is a better choice. Our senior Frenchie hates going to the vet or groomers so much that he complains the entire time he is there in a series of yelling like noise. We are not allowed to leave him at the groomers because his constant complaining upsets the other dogs and causes chaos. For his own stress and the stress of others, we groom him at home and make short trips to the groomer for nail trims.
  • Bonding Time
    • Grooming can be a great time to spend time and bond with your dog.


The Best of Both

If you go the pro route, brushing and keeping your dog tidy can be great bonding time and can also keep your dog’s hair matt free for the groomer.

And if you decide grooming at home is the right choice, an occasional trip to the groomer can keep your dog fine-tuned and make your job a whole lot easier at home in between.

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