Are Functional Treats Really Treating Your Dog's Health?

by Samantha Meyers September 27, 2016

Are Functional Treats Really Treating Your Dog's Health?

In a world of ever evolving dog products, we’ve come a long way from meaty bones and table scraps. While you can still find a fair share of “junk food” for dogs, there are many treats on the market that contain ingredients offering a variety of health benefits to your dog. But do they work?

They do.

Functional dog treats, take “treating” your dog to a new level. Instead of just appealing to your dogs taste buds, these treats contain vitamins, essential oils, probiotics and amino acids that benefit your dogs well-being. From dental health, to joint function, allergies and immune health, there are treats to help boost every part of your dog’s body, inside and out.

While there’s nothing bad about giving your dog healthy treats, there are a few things to make sure functional treats are functioning for your dog:

  • Functional treats are not for the occasional treater. If you only give your dog’s treats once in blue moon, these healthy treats certainly won’t hurt, but they might not help either.
  • Don’t expect to see a difference right away. Like taking a vitamin or supplement, functional treats need to be fed regularly and over a long period of time before you see a difference in your dog.
  • Functional treats are a great way to add in something your dog needs more of in their diet.
  • There is such thing as too much of a good thing. Just because they are healthy doesn’t mean you can let your dog indulge.
  • They come in a variety of styles and flavors from biscuts and bites to chews and jerkys. If your dog doesn’t like one, you can likely find one that does suit both of your preferences.
  • Don’t rely on functional treats to cure your dog’s ailments. They are a great supplement, but not a replacement for regular veterinary care.

As with any new food or treat, always read the lable to ensure you are following the guidelines for your dog’s size and weight. Always check with your vet if you have any questions or concerns.

Treats are just one of the many ways we show affection and share joy with our dogs and now you can add health to the list too.


Samantha Meyers
Samantha Meyers


Samantha is the former web editor for DogFancy and and has enjoyed years of sharing her passion and knowledge for pets with the world. A lover of all things dog and an avid baker and crafter, she regularly contributes dog-friendly recipes and projects to Dogster and Lucky Puppy magazines. Sam lives in Southern California with her husband and their two dogs Huggs the Frenchie and Quinn the Aussie-Poodle. 

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